Action Kids 600
90 Action Kids Session Plans and 76 pieces of music

By Val Sabin

With thanks to the following who arranged and performed the music: John Gaine, Neil Gowland, Jacob Grant, Vincente Jover, Dave Mulligan, Lincoln Noel, Fiona OíHara, Winston Samuels, Neil Shepherd, Richard Smith, Edward Smith, John Smith, Amy Whittle, Laura Whittle, Daniel Wright.

The 90 ACTION KIDS session plans of physical activities with fun are specially designed for regular use in nurseries and reception classes of 3 to 5 year old children and are presented in a user-friendly format as easy-access cards. The physical development with fun activities form a progressive and developmental programme together with 76 tracks of music on two CDís.


There are over 600 activities in the session plans which enable children to experience a very wide range of physical development opportunities. The activities promote the development of locomotor skills, manipulative skills, physical fitness, co-ordination and balance in enjoyable ways. Selected for body and mind development through fun, the activities lead to games, gymnastics, dance, spatial awareness and include sections on parachute games and responding to sound and music.

Over 90% of the early learning goals can be accessed directly or indirectly through the Action Kids physical development with fun activities which integrate most of the senses and develop learning strategies and patterns for later successful academic achievement.

There are also many opportunities for children to increase their listening abilities, concentration and comprehension as they experience feelings of success and achievement designed into the sessions, thus forming the foundation for a childís later ability to abstract, generalise, analyse the surrounding world, communicate with others and develop emotionally in positive ways.

For more information and examples of Action Kids 600 go to the Val Sabin website by clicking this link

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